We are proud to be part of an amazing project for a man whom has risked is own life to defend OUR freedom as a country!
EST. 1967

Words from a Hero:

"My name is Sgt. Danny Novoa, I have been married to my wonderful wife Melissa for 10 years and we have 3 children named Daniella, Danny Jr and Donovan. I have been in the Marine Corps for 8 years and have done 3 Combat Deployments. It was my third deployment and a month into it when I was severely wounded by an I.E.D. (Roadside Bomb)."

The Incident...

Sgt Novoa was given orders to secure a possible I.E.D. in a particular location. While securing the actual I.E.D. a secondary I.E.D. goes off five feet from his position and severely wounded Sgt Novoa and killing another Marine. Sgt Novoa suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to the body as well as his face, Traumatic Brain Injury, left eye sight loss, hearing loss and multiple Facial Surgery. Sgt Novoa received the Purple Heart for wounds received in action on 14 November 2008.

How this began:
The initial plan was to modify and customize Danny's existing frame and suspension... But soon, VERY generous people and companies heard of this unique project and began donating money and parts! Charlie Duval (from B & R Buggie) stepped forward and offered to construct a completely new chassis! Within days the straight tubing off the shelf began to take shape! About 1 month after beginning the NEW plan, the car was in Turn-Key running form with fresh powdercoat, new engine, and a plethora of new parts!

The Car:
Starting from the front.. 6" wider custom built beam, Tweeds 2 1/2" Front arms with new combo bearing spindles. A Saco rack was installed driven by a Char-lynn Power Steering system. Bilstein Coil over shocks provide ride comfort and control.

Rear suspension includes 3x3 boxed arms with dual Bilstein Shocks and 300M torsion bars. Aftermarket spring plates were also used. A Type II 002 transmission with a close-ratio 3,4 and 930 CV joints was installed.

The original engine was a 1915cc VW that was BADLY sanded and had a cracked case. So a new 2276cc engine was built to add a little more fun!

Stopping is controlled by Jamar pedals powering Jamar 4-wheel disc brakes with billet calipers.

Custom aluminum dash, side panels, and hood.

Delivery Day:
Melissa Novoa was in-cahoots with us to facilitate the surprise. The final last touches on the car were completed the beautiful Saturday morning of D-day. The food was ready, the shop was clean. friends and family were showing up all to witness the day unfold.    
Sgt.  Danny Novoa was informed by his wife Melissa that they were going to a kids birthday party...  Not on Danny's top 10 list of ways to spend a Saturday! They drove down from Temecula (with few words spoken) into Oceanside and Danny really had no idea anything was up. As Melissa turned into B&R parking lot, Danny asked what was going on. He stepped out of the truck a bit confused as about 100 people stood in front of him. Seth Walther walked up with a rusty part off Danny's original buggy and instructed him to paint the last piece for his  car to be done.

Not a second after a slight smile came to Danny's face, did Gary Haugley drive the completely new buggy around the corner! From that point on, the pictures will tell the rest of the story!

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